Dill Cumin Popcorn


This is a photo of my mother that depicts what we hope she experienced this week as she crossed over to the other side.  She would be sailing down a waterslide with a huge smile and her arms up in the air.   What an incredible process, this dying thing, I am in awe.


Here is another photo—she LOVED to laugh!



Our family has been together a lot lately, and without fail the fall-back task to keep our minds and hands occupied has been fixing comfort foods.  For us popcorn is very high on that list, if not at the top.

When we were growing up I think popcorn was eaten at least 5 days/week in our household.  After-school snacks, and Sunday night supper was always tuna fish sandwiches and popcorn.  There is a nearly fiendish look that comes over the face of anyone in our family when popcorn is introduced into the room—all attempts at selfless living are thrown out the window as we dive into the bowl, snarfing with abandon.

My father would sometimes grow popcorn, the tiny ears with tiny kernels.  Your palms would be worn raw if you tried to remove the kernels from the cob with your hands…he would rub two ears together and let the rough texture of the kernels dislodge each other and fall into a bowl.  Then he would send us outside to pour the kernels from one bowl into the other, letting the wind winnow away the fluff and debris.

Popcorn is d’ bomb in our world.



The Art of Popcorn:

My favorite way to make popcorn these days is with a Whirly Pop maker.  Twirl the handle and a rotating arm inside the pan stirs the popcorn—use high heat since the stirring is constant and even.  Way cool.

My previous method was to heat a heavy pan with the coconut oil and throw in a couple of kernels of corn.  When they pop, remove pan from heat and add the rest of the popcorn.  Shake to cover the kernels with oil.  Return to the medium-high heat and shake the pan frequently before and during the popping.  Remove from heat when the pops slow down.  Pour into a bowl and either add salt and eat, or dress it up with melted butter and spices.




Exotic popcorn seasoning is nothing new, but in this day and age there is not much that is new so I will simply remind everyone of fun ideas.  This topping idea was introduced to me by friends, and there have been evolutions over the years.  I don’t always like curry powder, but it somehow works with the mix.  My friend Matthew describes this as Ambrosia of popcorn.

I will be serving this popcorn at a wedding this summer—served after the reception dinner and dessert while they are dancing and festing into the night!


I never measure these ingredients, so each time it is a little different.  I did measure last night just to give an idea of proportions…but feel free to experiment with your own ratios.

Use the popped kernals of corn to wipe out the bottom of the bowl, where some of the spices fall.  The more butter you have on the popcorn, the more the spices will stick  :-)


Dill Cumin Popcorn

Pop in your favorite manner:

1 – 1.5 Tablespoon Coconut Oil or Canola Oil

1/2 cup popcorn (I use white, but any kind is great)

Drizzle with:

1 – 2 Tablespoons Butter or a non-dairy alternative, melted

Shake on:

Salt to taste (I like the fine-ground popcorn salt—it sticks better)

2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast

1 – 1.5 teaspoons Cumin, ground

1 – 1.5 teaspoon Dill, dry

1/2 – 1 teaspoon Curry blend of your choice, I use Muchi Curry

Black Pepper, freshly ground

Taste and adjust.  Taste again.  And again…


Serve this popcorn with:

  • Friends
  • A movie at home
  • A cat sitting in lap
  • A good beer
  • A good sunset



Mom and I, a couple of days after Mother’s Day—exactly four weeks before she died and she still had the most beautiful skin!

5 thoughts on “Dill Cumin Popcorn”

  • Awww Ruthie the pics are sweet and poignant.

    I’ve had that popcorn but never made it. Looking forward to doing so now.

  • Ruthie, I always love the genuineness in your posts and the touch of story in your life. This is such an honoring post in so many ways.

  • Just came across this post while I was going through it to refer a friend who has recently been diagnosed w/ celiac disease. She loves popcorn! I love this post. Beautiful.

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