Spring Feasts



Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” 


~Hans Christian Andersen



First, a few delectable moments of spring from last weekend. While we sisters visited inside our little rented getaway house, outside these beauties in the front yard opened up during the night. What a gift! I love how they arrive while everything else is still gray and brown around them, an appreciated contrast.

Contrast is an interesting thing, isn’t it? If these flowers were in a lush garden amidst abundant colors I may not have stopped in my tracks, got down on my knees, and tried to put my face as close as I could to this vibrant sign of life. Like sensory deprivation, winter helps us appreciate on a visceral level the growth happening around us, makes our jaws drop at a tiny bunch of flowers under a bleak looking bush beside a sidewalk.




As Springs steps forward in a more visible way many will celebrate Easter and Passover this weekend. Here are a few recipes and twists on the traditionals if you’re planning a Special Meal. Enjoy!



From Newsday:

  • Fava Beans with Artichokes and Herbs

  • Moroccan Glazed Carrots with Cumin and Coriander

  • Matzo ball soup with Ginger, Lemongrass and Cilantro

  • Roasted Carrot, Shallot and Prune Tzimmes with Cinnamon, Cumin and Paprika

  • Pesto Braided Bread


From Great Performances by Chef Saul Bolton

  • Matzo (Chilequiles Style)

  • Thai Noodle Kugel

  • Pistachio Cake


From Epicurious

  • Shawarma Spiced Leg of Lamb

  • Turkish Coffee Rubbed Brisket

  • Shaved Radish Salad with Walnuts and Mint

  • Macaroon Matzo Crunch


From Others


From Awesome Cookery





A little dessert after grilling steaks during our Sisters Weekend…apologies for any trauma induced by seeing a trio of peeps skewered and ready for toasting. Check out more ways to eat Peeps. I don’t know if any Peeps were hurt during the photo shoot, and I don’t condone all of this behavior, but I do think #22 is my favorite.






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