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Surströmming (Swedish Sour Herring)

September 25th, 2012 6 Comments

    It isn’t often that I get to cater with rotting fish. I recently helped a friend host a dinner party, a convivial Dane who loves to bring people together, concoct authentic Scandinavian delicacies and all the while nudge the comfort-boundaries of his guests.  Some examples of dinners past: a meal which included Icelandic Moss and Seaweed; another dinner with Reindeer, Marrow Bones, Blood Dumplings and live Sahti beer; a dinner of Babette’s Feast reenacted; and this time he


Enchilada Pie

September 17th, 2012 1 Comment

. This is an incredible time of year.  The nights are cool enough for sleeping, the mornings are crisp then give way to a warmth that does not bake my brain but makes me actually want to soak up the sun.  The Farmers Markets overflow with produce, piles of squash are beginning to make an appearance, and best of all… fall means that someday soon it will be winter! . Enchiladas are a labor of love and if you are


Roasted Beet & Corn Salad w/ Cider Syrup Vinaigrette

September 10th, 2012 3 Comments

  . I give you more diversions with photos from the latest trip to Lincoln, NE. The Burkholder Project is an inspiring artist studio center and gallery started by Ann Burkholder—over 50 artists are involved with this building.  Wow!  More amazing art!  More amazing warehouses saved in the Haymarket District of Lincoln!   This is the mosaic sitting area in front of the Burkholder.   . One of our main goals was to visit the rock-inspired jewelry artist Pamela King and to