Favorites August 2013



In this late-summer heat the largest organ of my body has been working hard—my skin.  Opening up those pores and flushing out toxins, there has been no shortage of the that salty substance flowing forth.  I am not one of those who adore summer (when I’m especially crabby from the heat my snarky opinion is that the people who say they love summer all have air conditioning….sorry…it’s the cranky speaking) but I’ve been working on the zen of giving in to the heat.

Just sweat.

Don’t fight it.

Be the sweat.

They say sweat contains small amounts of antibiotics that can combat bacteria.  It also improves circulation,  helps the skin’s flexibility and tone, and boosts the body’s immune system.  I love saunas, so I’m just imagining the smell of cedar and the big pile of snow outside the door as I sit here and flow.


I’m almost enjoying this!




More photos from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

It’s funny that we go to an arboretum and take pictures of stone…



The cats would love this sweet little fountain.



And finally…more tidbits of fun distraction!


Favorites August 2013


WARDROPE for small space living


The Sandwich Book


Miniature World from 14-year old photographer Zev


Gravity-powered light


I think I need to read this book


Atlas of True Names


How Tabasco Sauce is made


Tis the season for Camping Tips


LOVE this! Tiny House Vacations


Drum shop mystery





all these photos were taken by Scott


2 thoughts on “Favorites August 2013”

  • It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity… pish-aw. Hot is hot and with regard to those who may speak of the “dry heat” – has anyone bothered to ask the turkey baking in the oven what it thinks of a dry heat? I rest my case and am counting the days until fall… when it will be cool enough to think about using the oven in the house and perhaps interview a turkey.

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