Favorites February 2014



The 2014 American Birkebeiner ski marathon will forever be known as the Death March (not literally, no one died during it). Eighteen inches of snow Thursday night before Saturday’s race wreaked havoc for organizers, groomers, plowers, travelers, volunteers, and everyone else in the area—even a 4-wheel drive 4Runner struggles with a foot and a half of wet sticky frozen water!  Eighteen inches of snow also created a soft and punishingly slow course (despite the careful grooming), and this meant dogged work for the 8,000+ skiers as they slogged through the deep ‘sugar’ on the 50 kilometer hilly trek from Cable to Hayward on a brutally cold and windy day.


Brutal. Brutal was the word I heard most often that day (as I watched safely and nearly warm from the sidelines).  As I said last week, racing is a curious thing…




Numerous Birkie tent poles bent and some collapsed under the weight of the snow.




After the Birkie’s mardi-gras-esque week was over we ventured up to the Ice Caves on Lake Superior near Bayfield.  Often the massive lake is not frozen enough for walking, but this year could definitely be called ‘cold enough’.  The mile or so walk on the lake in the frigid wind was worth the experience of this frozen wonderland.








IMG_4409 .

The ice froze in smooth waves, very surreal.

This nook in the wall became the last resting place of a little bat.






Here we stood at the end of the world.





An eagle’s nest on our way back



Favorites February 2014


Slideshow from the 41st American Birkebeiner


More beautiful Small Space living (click in the middle for the slideshow).


And more.


Images for the Chinese New Year Celebrations—Year of the Wood Horse.


Spice Paintings


Geek out with the Science of Food Thickeners


Incredible bathrooms by Lance Jordan


This Coconut Lime Rice recipe looks creamy and tasty


More mind blowing images



Our friend Don joined us on the arctic adventure



Scott and I on a moon of Jupiter





Lake Superior







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  • Videos of the Lake Superior ice cave kept showing up on the network news stations over the past couple weeks. The inside was pretty awe-inspiring!! And we’re glad y’all survived your annual northern adventures!!

  • Ruth, Your talents are awesome indeed – photography, writing, as wella s cooking and heave knows what I have yet to learn! Thank you. THis was a great way to begin a day that will have challenges as I am going to Trencin to see the Suchy’s and Milan is very ill. can’t wait to talk to the two of you.

  • Those photos are just incredible!! You should send that one of you and Scott for your Christmas cards. Ha! Can’t wait to see you guys, very soon!

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