Fuul in Spring



Question: What does one eat when coming home after weeks on a ski sabbatical?

Answer: Whatever is in the house because the catering has not yet begun and we blew our wad for the winter.  I think it’s time to revisit pintos and Pinto Fuul because my sister fed it to us on our way home, and since then I’ve been utilizing my big bag of pintos making various versions of it.  Today it was with feta cheese, yesterday with pinole mixed into the bean juice, who knows what tomorrow’s pinto dish will be.


Pinto Fuul from January 2012


In the meanwhile I’ll check the cupboards for something to cook next week…and you can gaze upon

Resting Cat near Balancing Rocks.




Trying to get exercise without skis, I feel like lead weights have been attached to my limbs and torso, and that my wings have been clipped.  I know that eventually walking and running will feel more natural but at the moment my gait has an element of slug with legs.  No free ride down the hills, no momentum up the next hill.  I got to hang out on Olympus for a few weeks and now I’ve been grounded.  Docked.  Merely mortal.


So we look for bright sides.  Eventually there will be tender local greens available from our producers with hoop houses, and my volunteer kale will push through the cold soil before it seems possible for anything to grow.  Wildflowers will bloom in the woods, and the cats can lounge in the sill of open windows, watching the every move of the birds.


Another perk of no-snow season— even when I’m feeling like a slug with legs, I get to wear my OESH shoes.  The La Vidas are my favorite shoes…ever.  I live in them.  They’re great for walking, running and all-purpose general usage.  Designed by Dr. Casey Kerrigan, a woman who studied gait and the biomechanics of running and walking for over 20 years, they ‘maximize foot functionality’ by feeling like they are not there.

Read more about the amazing Dr. Kerrigan here.




New and Old.


No, I’m not being sponsored by OESH to say all of this, I’m just ecstatic that I can wear shoes that don’t squish my toes and are both flat and flexible!  Not barefoot, but close, very close.  “Uninhibited, free-flowing movement”—yep.


More of the lovely pinto.

The bowl is by master potter Warren Mackenzie who turned 90 in February.

May we all find the thing in life that we are supposed to do, whatever it may be.







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