Herb and Chevre Orblettes

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The Holiday Music Motel

We were wandering around Sturgeon Bay looking for a place to stay since it appeared as though a storm was descending, and though we like camping…it takes real dedication to set up WHILE it’s raining.  Vacationland of Door County is host to a plethora of cabins, cottages, condos, campsites, B&B’s, hotels, motels, resorts, and it didn’t help that we are easily overwhelmed by choices, especially when tired.  The warm neon sign of the Holiday Motel was quick to catch our eyes, then with every step closer and through the door we knew we had found our people.

We were home.


The Holiday opened in all its glory in 1952 (a few months prior to the opening of iconic Holiday Inn), then in 2007 musicians melaniejane and pat mAcdonald (Purgatory Hill) purchased it with a vision and with the original cubist furniture in near-perfect shape.  After a fire and 22 months of cleanup and more renovations, the Holiday is very much alive and well and rockin’.


The Holiday has hosted numerous music festivals and fundraisers for the historic Michigan Street Steel Bridge one block away that spans Sturgeon Bay, and for many years they’ve organized collaborative songwriting retreats (the Construction Zone) at the motel and set up recording studios within the motel.  Locally produced Steel Bridge Radio features the awesome music from these sessions.  Read more about their events on their website.




Route 66 compadres of their Motel world



The front desk of the Holiday Music Hotel





Bedpan guitar with the cornered instruments—be amazed by more guitars from recycled materials here.




It was a sweet little adventure finding another home away from home near the Big Water, bringing us back to our Live on Winnebago music festival days (sorry, no website for the moment) and I’m sure we’ll be back someday.


But now it’s time for Food.



Fresh herbs and goat cheese in bite-sized spheres…that is all I need to say.



These can be made in the morning, covered well, then served later in the day.





Green and fluffy and all lined up for plating the wedding feast




Chevre is a soft goat cheese with a mild tangy flavor.  It goes well with salads, roasted vegetables, crackers, figs, or on canapés and pizzas.  Here are easy instructions to make it at home, and here is a different recipe with awesome photos.


Many years ago at the Loring Café (back when it was on Loring Park in Minneapolis—the current location along with the Kitty Kat Klub in Dinkytown has many of the same trappings–and now there is a Loring Café in Oakland, CA), chef Helen used to make and serve these buddies with a salmon & green salad as a lunch option.  It was a fabulous combination, there may have been walnut vinaigrette as well.  It’s amazing how some things stay with you for years.  Decades.  Thanks, Helen.



Herb and Chevre Balls

Prep Time: 15 minutes


Chop and mix together

1 cup Fresh Herbs—Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Sage—whatever you have

Roll into 1 inch balls

8 ounces Chevre Goat Cheese

Roll the chevre in the herbs, then gently squeeze the herbs into the cheese to help them stick. 

Optional—Sprinkle with freshly ground Black Peppercorns

Serve soon, or cover well and refrigerate up to a day.  If you use fresh basil it may darken in color after a few hours. 

Serve with a Green Salad, a Beets Salad, or make a larger log version and serve it with crackers as an appetizer.




A handcrafted CBG (cigar box guitar) in the very reflective window of the Door County Music Co.

Check out Dirtbox Guitars for more on these innovative instruments.



Don’t forget to check out Steel Bridge Radio










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