In the Other Kind of Time




It’s August and many people in our neck of the woods are on their vacation trips before school begins.  Instead of recipes this week I say we take this time to enjoy some pictures and a poem recently shared with me by a friend.


Have fresh sweet corn and sliced tomatoes for supper, and take it easy.






These are photos of wood-fired pottery made by my cousin-by-marriage Jordan Taylor and taken when we visited family in northeastern Pennsylvania around eight years ago.  Jordan grew up surrounded by ceramics in a family of potters, check out more photos of his work here.







Let’s journey now
to the other kind of time
where we’ve known each other
for centuries, beneath our names,
beneath our pain, to the other side
where we can stop to listen
the way fox listen to the night.


Come with me out of the cold
where we can put down the
notions we’ve been carrying
like torn flags into battle.


We can throw them to the earth
or place them in the earth, and ask,
why these patterns in the first place?
If you want, we can repair them, if
they still seem true. Or we can
sing as they burn.


Come. Let’s feel our way
beneath the noise where we
can ask what it means to be alive
and lift our chins from the stream
like deer who’ve outrun
all the hunters.


~Mark Nepo



Have a beautiful week.




Scott took these photos in this barn so perfect for the pieces.





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