Chocolate Chia Pudding


The Upper Peninsula sunsets have been spectacular here in the sub-zero air.  This is the view from just outside our cabin, right next to the outhouse that I did not include in the photo—you’ve already seen numerous scenic outhouse photos over the years.  These views, along with the blindingly bright Super Moon or glittering falling snow, make the outhouse treks fairly memorable.  Sub-zero air can be pretty memorable too…



A Skiers Little Helper at the end of the day—Merry Hempster’s Muscle Rub


photo by Coleen Sullins




I listened to the ‘philosopholk’ of North Carolina musician Searra Jade while packing for our Northland sabbatical.  Searra performed in our town and attended the Village Fire week last summer, I got to meet her and be a part of the fun (amidst cooking for around 300 people…). These are a couple of her sweet wood-block prints she brings to her shows.

This quieter season allows me to start thinking ahead and I’ve been pondering dishes to make for those 300 aforementioned people at the upcoming Village Fire this summer.  A chia pudding has been on the list to try.  There are many ways you could take this, but I’ll easily walk down that Chile-Chocolate road any ole’ day.



Chocolate, cinnamon and chipotle—these are some of my all time Flavor-Love-Partners.   Add in chia and it’s a perfectly Mayan combination.

The Mayans considered cacao to be a food from the Gods.  Canella, or ‘white cinnamon’, was native to Florida and the islands and was used widely in ancient Mexico and Central America.  Chipotles are jalapeños that are left to ripen on the vine, then picked and smoke-dried to both preserve and give them their distinct (and totally awesome) flavor.  Chia seed (Salvia Hispanica) was important in ancient Meso-America as a source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  Chia seeds, like flax seeds, produce a gelatinous texture when soaked and more recently have been used as a substitute for egg or other thickeners.






Chocolate Chipotle Chia Pudding

Prep Time: 5 minutes to whisk, 4-8 hours to soak


Whisk together is a bowl:

1 1/2 cups liquid—Water, Almond Milk, Milk, etc.

1/3 cup Chia Seeds

1/4 cup Cocoa Powder

2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup—or add more at the end if you like

1/4 teaspoon Vanilla

1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon

1/16 – 1/8 teaspoon Chipotle Powder

Pinch or two of Nutmeg, grated

Pinch o’ Sea Salt

Let sit 4 hours or overnight so the chia can absorb the liquid.

Taste and adjust—add more Maple Syrup? or Chipotle?

Serve as is, or blend in a food processor if you want a creamier texture.

Other possible additions:

-Whisk in melted dark chocolate

-Top with whipped cream, ice cream or whipped coconut cream

-Top with grated dark chocolate

-Blend with ginger and clove instead of chipotle

-Mix with cream, yogurt, blueberries and granola




The Hemlock Trail at ABR

photo by Coleen Sullins


“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you
believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take
responsibility for making it so. If you assume there is no hope, you
guarantee there will be no hope.”


– Noam Chomsky




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  • THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE! I was just thinking about choc chia pudding today in fact! I’ll be making this tonight to satisfy my sweet cravings this week! Have a great vacation up there!

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