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These plans are to give ideas for daily cooking.  But they are guides only—if one day is busy you can substitute some pre-made items for the ones in the plan.  The lunches are generally leftovers, the age-old secret of not working too hard.

Some menu plans contain overlapping recipes, but the majority of them are different.  Some recipes were just too good to be only in one spot.

Don’t tell anyone, but all of the menu plans are gluten free.  I am gluten free, so naturally I think everyone could benefit from a week without the stuff!  There is so much choice that no one will miss it, and might not even notice.




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The week-long Menu Plans include:

– Seven days of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

– 8-14 recipes

– a shopping/ingredient list for the week

– suggestions for pre-prepping items

– a blank plan sheet to rearrange this one or start your own plan

There are three desserts included in a menu plan, I’ll leave adding more desserts to your discretion…



Disclaimer note: I am not here to prescribe, I’m only here to give some ideas and organizational hand-holding, and have a little fun along the way.


Elimination Diet Menu Plan

This was created to help you observe your reaction to certain foods, which could indicate allergies.  The idea is to take the common allergens out of a diet for a week, then for one day only introduce the item and record the body’s reactions.  Recording the reactions would include writing your name, taking your pulse, and describing any feelings in the body both before and after the testing.

The “Test Foods” in this plan are: wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, peanut butter, vinegar, citrus/tomato, dairy, preservatives, food coloring, sugar, cocoa, peas or soy.  Most of the recipes are minimally seasoned, they say it helps to eat a more simple diet when testing.

This plan will take approximately 18-28 days, depending how things go.  Don’t rush it, this is for you and your health, it isn’t about just ‘getting through it’.

The first week is intended to begin a cleansing process, including simple foods that generally do not cause reactions in people.  You may feel sick, drowsy, and depressed during this phase—but this is normal and it will pass!  Then the testing begins, one food per day, unless there is a reaction then you wait until you feel better before proceeding with other tests.

If you know or suspect that you already have a reaction to any of these foods, DO NOT TEST WITHOUT CONSULTING A DOCTOR!!! Certain allergies, such as peanut and tree nuts, can be life threatening.

There are other Elimination Diets that are more extreme—restricting the items listed above as well as grains, nightshades or legumes.  I haven’t gone there yet…but stay tuned…I may just take a shot at that menu plan someday.


Gluten Free Plan

No wheat, rye, barley or oats.  These are hearty meals that don’t require very many exotic ingredients.   I only included three desserts.  Many gluten free desserts, such as Ice Cream or Cookie mixes, can be purchased at grocery stores.


Menu Plans in the future:

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