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We all seek bliss.  We spend much of our lives looking for activities that have given it in the past, or new ones that we hope will produce those lovely waves of endorphins.  Out here the magic combination of bliss-ingredients is Awesome Fatigue, a plateful of Good Food, and Bed.

Awesome Fatigue enhances any experience—and I am not in shape so this fatigue comes easily!  Nothing like that deep relaxation of tired muscles combined with a pile of enchiladas and pintos…then heading to bed before what was probably half-time of the Super Bowl.


There are two places we stay in the North—one with electricity and running water, and one without.  The former becomes the home-base prep station—cooking and freezing of meals, laundry, coffee bean grinding, and waxing of skis.  The latter requires we schlepp everything in by skis—but once the little hut is readied, life has more simple requirements of us: eating, sauna-ing, sleeping, skiing, and treks to the primitive privy.

The picture above is our home for the week at ABR Trails in Michigan.



Here is the premier wax tech seen through the window over the stove, into the ante-room of the home-base cabin.  Note the piles of nuts and dried fruits and chia seeds and other calorie-packed goodies.



Bounty of a last-minute prep session the day before heading to the remote cabin—chicken soup, hb eggs, yams, potatoes, pizzas…most thing are then frozen and readied to pack in.



A beautiful pile of gluten free pancakes and a beautiful pile of candles, both to be hauled a couple of kilometers by us ski-shod humans.



I hate having to think while we are here, so I plan out the food for the month.  When you have electricity it’s only handy to have the menu plan…but for the remote cabin it is essential to follow the plan so we only haul what is necessary….or maybe a better phrase would be ‘what we will consume’.   We live pretty well in that cabin.

This January was insanely busy, so not much time left for planning.  Fortunately I saved last year’s plan and could go from that.  Gotta love lists, and little boxes which contain little lists.



Skiing twice a day means an expansive outlook on eating.  Freedom!  I can really eat. We’re talking around 4,000 calories a day for Scott, and I have no idea what I eat but it’s more than usual.

Didn’t I mention that you can eat as much as you want when skiing??


The criteria for our cabin food is that it is:

  • freezable
  • gluten free
  • good food
  • incredibly hearty
  • something we can pack in

This ain’t California Cuisine!   We’re talking packable calories in as efficient of a form as possible.  We try to keep the cost down, so not the pre-packaged dehydrated meals like you might use when backpacking…this is old-school humping heavy loads in a pack or a pulk (ski sled).


LIsted below is the menu plan for the first week we will be at the ski-in cabin in the UP of Michigan, and it is not for the faint of heart!  Most everything was frozen ahead of time—I cooked extra in January and the leftovers became trip fare.


And why should a remote-ski-in-cabin menu plan be of interest to you?


Because you too can freeze your meal extras, and use them during that insanely busy week when you can’t even think about cooking.  It helps to make a list of what is in the freezer (the trick is to remember the location of the list).  Reheat your meal, add a fresh salad, and voila—easy dinner.


And don’t forget to heat your dishwashing water on the woodstove.



Day 1

Lunch when we arrive at ABR warming cabin: Polenta with last night’s Fajitas

Supper: Turkey with GF Stuffing (leftovers from holidays) and Salad (greens will last a couple of days)


Day 2

B’fast: GF Pancakes w/ Yogurt, hard boiled Egg, Grapefruit

Lunch: Red Lentil Dal and Rice/Millet

Supper: Rice Spaghetti and Red Sauce and Salad


Day 3

B’fast: P’cakes w/ Yogurt, HB egg, Grapefruit

Lunch: Potatoes, Andouille Sausage, Kraut and Apples

Supper: Turkey with Saag and Rice, and Salad


Day 4

B’fast: P’cakes w/ Yogurt, HB egg, Grapefruit

Lunch: Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Supper: Roast Beef with Yams


Day 5

B’fast: GF Sweet Biscuits with Turkey stick, grapefruit

Lunch: Polenta with Chicken Sausage and Onions

Supper: Sloppy Joes and Squash


Day 6

B’fast: Rice Porridge (if rice is still good) and Turkey stick, Grapefruit

Lunch: Local Hot Dogs and Squash

Supper: Enchilada Pie and Pintos


Day 7

B’fast: Rice Cake with Almond Butter, Turkey stick, Grapefruit

Lunch: Carrot Ginger Soup and Hummus (rehydrated) sandwich

Supper: Macaroni and Cheese (homemade, frozen) and Tuna


Day 8

B’fast: Rice Cake with Almond butter, Turkey stick

Pack out

Lunch: Leftovers in the warming cabin



Next week: Pinole, and more about ABR Trails in the Upper Peninsula.

This is our adorable outhouse at the Sand Point Cabin.

3 thoughts on “Remote Cabin Menu Plan”

  • It is quite fun to read your lists.
    I adore making our menu lists even when I’m just “packing in”
    to my everyday house.
    What a treat to get a peek at your dreamy getaway.
    Ski on!

  • It’s just how I pictured it. I love your comment about lists and little boxes with lists in them.

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