I often am stumped about what to eat for breakfast.  Though it is easy and I have it sometimes, cereal is not my cup of tea…I crave that dose of protein and oil to get me through until lunch without a blood sugar crash.   I usually have corn tortillas in my refrigerator, and it is not uncommon that they get a little dry around the edges.  Lucky for me that is perfect for chilaquiles!


Chilaquiles: Fried tortilla strips…usually with a chile sauce and eggs and toppings of choice.

Summer?  Add fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

Winter?  Slather with enchilada sauce and cheese.

Only have tortillas and eggs and salt?   That sounds tasty too.


I seem to still be on the Spring Egg kick.  It would be easy to go vegan by replacing the eggs with soft crumbled tofu to create a complete protein.



Chop the tortilla in whatever shape you want.  I like strips.



Heat the oil in the pan before adding the tortillas.  Toss them in and let sit for a few minutes before stirring to let them crisp.

If you want the onions to be cooked add them with the tortillas.



If the strips seem greasy, remove them from the pan, let them drain on a paper towel, then add back to the pan.  I usually don’t do this because I’m so hungry!



There are many versions of this dish (I say that a lot, don’t I?).  Some add the sauce before the eggs, some after the eggs, some say that the eggs are served on the side not mixed in, and some have no sauce at all—just tortillas, eggs and toppings.  Experiment!



Slice into strips or triangles:

3 Corn Tortillas

Heat in a cast iron or heavy skillet:


When hot add the

Sliced Tortilla Chips

Let them fry a few minutes before each flip.  

When tortillas are crispy, remove and drain on a paper towel if you wish.

Put them back in the pan and stir in:

1/4 cup Salsa Verde, Red Enchilada Sauce, or salsa of your choice


2 Eggs, whisked



Taste and adjust seasonings.


Tasty Toppings:

  • Cheese: Queso Fresco, Feta, Smoked Cheddar…
  • Diced Onion or Green Onion
  • Cilantro
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Fresh Tomatoes and Green Peppers
  • Tomatillo Green Salsa
  • Seasoned Tofu
  • Chili Powder
  • Avocado slices
  • Lime Juice
  • Ground Beef, seasoned


The photo at the top is the loft-bed of our friend Toni in New Brunswick.

The ones below are from Scott’s walk on the beach—these squiggles were not made by human hands!

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