Iced Nutmeg Cucumber Tea


Nutmeg Iced Tea is great for a summer’s day, so here are photos of a divine location to relax with a glass—a gazebo co-created by Scott and metal-master friend Hung Van Pham.


This is the initial design in miniature, before it took an evolutionary turn to include metal.



The top…not in miniature



The frame upside down under construction in Hung’s shop, with bracings



Hand-beveled boards for the sides of the gazebo



The awesome stainless steel centerpiece hanging from the crossbeams



Looking up at the awesome centerpiece



The flagstones and creeping thyme are not yet in, but this will soon be the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon with a cooling beverage.



Flagstones and creeping thyme are now in… tea time!






I had heard of Iced Nutmeg Juice and searched to learn more about it.  It’s a drink that probably originated in Malaysia (where nutmeg is grown) and is made from the extremely sour yellowish-white fresh fruit surrounding the nutmeg seed.  You can find a little more information plus a recipe for a nutmeg-juice cocktail on the blog Season with Spice.

After spending a not-insignificant chunk of time online I decided to abandon the search for fresh nutmeg fruit and instead concoct something seasoned with grated nutmeg to make a beverage that, though was totally different from the original drink, was a bit more accessible to the rest of us and hopefully interesting and tasty.


Nutmeg: Check out more about the amazing and versatile spice from my Nutmeg post on February 28, 2012.


Cucumbers are an incredible addition to water by themselves, and they round off this unusually refreshing tea nicely.  Try this brew with a meal of curried chicken and dal, grilled kabobs, or with a spicy Mexican spread!



Iced Nutmeg Cucumber Tea 

Stovetop Method

Heat in a stock or saucepan:

4 cups Water

1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg, grated

1/2 teaspoon Coriander, ground

Optional addition: A dash of Cinnamon

When it begins to simmer turn off the heat. Add:

Dash of Fresh Lime or Lemon Juice

Pinch of Lime or Lemon zest

A dash Sugar or Honey, to taste

Let sit for at least 15 minutes then strain and chill.  

Add 15 minutes before serving:

Cucumber slices


Sun Method

Add to a glass quart jar:

4 cups Water

1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg, grated

1/2 teaspoon Coriander, ground

Optional addition: A dash of Cinnamon

1 slice Lemon

1 slice Lime

Set in the sun for a few hours, then strain and chill.

Add 15 minutes before serving:

A dash of Sugar or Honey, to taste

Cucumber slices



Photos by Scott

Metal sculpture on top by Mike Fluent




The patio to go with the gazebo…




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