Kale Sausage Soup



This may be a good meal for the post-holiday recovery.  Brothy with good protein and the vitamin punch of kale, your liver will thank you.  This is also a favorite of my friend Mary Kay and one that we’ve eaten as she’s been on this stem cell transplant journey.




This is frozen kale from my garden— no special technique, I just picked the leaves, put them on a plastic bag and wedged the bag in the freezer.  They then shatter into handy bite size pieces when frozen.  It seems really lazy, but who am I to judge?





This is more of a guideline than a recipe, I like it with lots of broth but you may need more substance.

The flavor of this is totally dependent on the broth.  It’s more like a consommé with a few veggies and sausage added.  Chicken broth is always a great source of umami flavor.  Many commercial brands contain seasonings like salt, celery seed, onion, garlic, nutritional yeast or yeast extract, thyme….    if you make your own you may need to add seasonings and salt.

There is nothing like the healthy benefits of homemade chicken stock, but in a pinch I have used the Organic Better than Bouillon chicken paste.  Good for soups.



Kale Sausage Soup

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes


Saute for a few minutes in a soup pan:

2 teaspoons Olive Oil

1 small Leek, sliced

1 small Carrot, sliced


3 to 3 1/2 cups Chicken Broth or Vegetable Stock

1 large Sausage Link—Italian, Brat, or Andouille—sliced

1 small Potato, sliced thin

Pinch of Red Pepper flakes

Salt and Pepper to taste—it will depend on how the sausage and broth are seasoned

Simmer until the potato is cooked but not mushy. 


1 cup Kale, sliced

A dash of fresh Lemon Juice (optional)


Enjoy on a cold day.



A bowl from the early years of artist Elisabeth Maurland.






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