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I’m beginning to understand why people do this.


A year ago I signed up for my first cross country ski race on a 12.5 kilometer classic-only course. Having started this sport as a not-so-young adult it was not an obvious trajectory for me to race, but hanging out with enough people whose lives are somewhat shaped by the races they sign up for, I thought I could give it a whirl. Last year the temperature was a couple of measly degrees above zero as we stood at the starting line so I considered it a victory just to get out of bed and show up.


A person commits to these events to stretch their boundaries and to build in some motivation to stay active (translation: exercise during the year so you don’t die on the course). Since I survived last year’s whim, this year the stretch was to sign up for the double loop—25 kilometers. The pen went back and forth between the boxes to mark the short or long race on the registration form…I put a hesitant “X” in the box next to the 25k.  Committed.  The next task was to make sure I could actually ski that far without stopping.




It’s funny to feel like a fairly healthy individual who likes to move and be active, only to discover that what I consider ‘in okay shape’ for myself in the summer means diddley when it comes to cross country skiing.

Yes, I practiced classic skiing 25 kilometers without stopping and I no longer fear that distance.  Yes, I won 3rd place in my age group!  Yes, I had a blast and will sign up again next year. But holy kick-my-patooty there are a lot of tough old coots and kids who can make a person feel like they spent way too much time in front of a computer over the last year.  For much of the race I was chasing a sweet 71-year-old gent in racing tights only to see him disappear into the foreground at around 11k when I took a tumble as I tried to change track-lanes while going down a hill so I wouldn’t run into the skier in front of me, and Mr. Racing Tights was not to be seen again until after the race, already walking back to his car when I crossed the finish line.  Cripes.


The truly best part?

If there are people in their 70’s and 80’s still rocking it in a 25k race then I know I have many years to look forward to on these slippery boards. Maybe when I grow up and am a Septuagenarian I’ll have a motor like my 71-year-old jackrabbit I was chasing in the woods on that race morning.

That’s not a bad life-goal.




Lately our mornings are fueled with seeds and powders. Is this cooking? It’s more like concocting than cooking, but the simple concentration of nutrients early in the day has felt great.  Chia and flax seeds are soaked overnight to maximize their digest-ability and everything else is added in the morning.






Ground hemp seed powder and a whey concentrate are the two protein powders we use.  Yogurt provides probiotics and protein, and the cream is delicious kick of fat giving longevity to the liquid meal. Body Balance is a sea vegetable mixture rich in phytonutrients by Life Force International—you can always use more phytonutrients, que no?




The concoction is slippery and gloopy with a little grit from the hemp seed, it may not be pretty but it’s a fun texture that goes down easily.  Note the cute wax bench in the background…ski equipment is our life these days.



Chia Breakfast Drink

Prep Time: 4 hours to soak, 5 minutes to mix


Soak 4 hours or overnight:

2/3 cup Water

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds

In the morning or after well soaked, stir in:

2 Tablespoons Hemp Seed, ground

4 Tablespoons Whey Concentrate (we like Tera’s Whey)

1/4 cup Body Balance or another Sea Vegetable mix

1/4 cup Yogurt, full-fat, plain

Splash of Heavy Cream, around 2 Tablespoons



The viscous and beetle-like mixture of the soaked chia and flax seeds—they’re so beautiful!




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