Another sister’s weekend—lots of laughing and nobody was strangled, I would call that a great success.


We met in the Omaha area because you can’t get much more centrally located and because of the great arts and food scene that has been emerging over the last few decades.  We wandered around the Old Market District drinking tea, eating, shopping, and eventually making our way to the Artist’s Co-op Gallery on South 11th Street.  Our cousin Pam King is one of the artist/members—I don’t have any pictures prepared but soon I’ll post photos of my collection of her incredible ‘rockspired’ jewelry.


IMG_2495 copy .


The indoor/outdoor atmosphere of the former-alley-now-covered-sanctuary “Passageway” in the Old Market District feels like another place and time.  These fabulous flowers greet you at the entrance of V.Mertz located inside The Passageway. 







Art + Food = Dixie Quicks 

Restaurant combined with the RNG Art gallery and a vintage reuse shop called Refinedcombinedandleftbehind, there is definitely a good sense of humor and fun mixed into everything at this place.  Dixie Quicks was our Saturday outing across the river, and delectable dinners with a Cajun/Tex-Mex twist were had by all—my  blackened catfish on roasted vegetable salad was scrumptious.  Check out their Menu, I hear the brunch is not to be missed.






For those of us who need some entertainment while we wait.





And entertainment while we wash.





And entertainment while we walk to the parking lot.





Zombie gnome looking for a good dining establishment in the Old Market.

Zombies need lunch too.




The recipe for this week?

Do whatever it is that makes you laugh until you cry.

We had five days of silliness, eating, puzzling, and not enough sleep…but even in my post-gathering-delirium I feel so lucky to have sisters and cousins who know how to laugh until their stomaches ache and tears flow.  Laughing may not solve ALL of the world’s problems, but it may solve more than we think.





This was the t-shirt of the weekend…it’s still a mystery.








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