Thai Chicken Patties

June 7th, 2016 1 Comment




It’s true, there was a similar post last year about lemongrass pork patties, but when something tastes this good it’s okay to do variations on a theme.

I made these buddies small for a tapas-style potluck, but you could make them larger for full servings or into little balls served on skewers.  The small ones were handy for post-meal snacking, tasty even when they were cold.


Outdoor dinners, they might be the best part about summer.  Serve with your homemade sweet chili sauce or try Ginger People’s tasty version.  These would be great in lettuce wraps, a pita, or by themselves was perfectly fine with us.




This week I’m staying out at a beautiful camp in a valley of the Driftless region, providing twelve meals for over two hundred people gathering and “singing together to nourish the soul and re-enchant the world”.  Some of the hosts visiting this year will be Laurence ColeBarbara McAfeeAimée Ringle, and Aimee Kelley, to name just a few.


It’s an amazing thing to cook for people who are in a state of rest, retreat and rejuvenation.  They’re relaxed and take the time to appreciate the food—this is a blissful blessing for a cook!  Weddings are amazing events, but to feed real live happy campers is a very good thing.  To give you a little taste of the week here are four recipes that will be making a showing this year: Orange Rice Salad, Black Bean Salad5-Spice Rhubarb Crisp, and Fried Rice.



Thai Chicken Patties

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes


Mix together in a bowl:

1 pound ground Chicken

3 Tablespoons Cilantro, minced

3 Tablespoons Scallions or Chives, minced

1 1/2 teaspoon Fish Sauce

1 teaspoon Lime Zest

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt

Optional: 1 teaspoon Fresh Lemongrass, minced 

Form into small patties and cook in a skillet over medium heat, or grill.  

Serve with your favorite jarred Sweet Chili Sauce or make your own Sweet Chili Sauce.  

Would be great as an appetizer on a skewer or wrapped in lettuce leaves.  

Enjoy the evening outside! 



On the drive home just before the multiple rainbows appeared…



Then a week later, more rainbows–tis the season!









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  1. Norma Hervey says:

    The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the joy of sharing our beautiful world. Your Driftless Valley week sounds like a combination of a lot of work and community too. Eager to hear more.


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