Poppyseed Milk (Aguonpienis)

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Since I’m on a cozy-roll these few weeks, here are a few more images of warm, glowing contributions to the feeling of hygge.  This is my lampshade made of agates, I’ve shown it before but as we’re now fully in midst of the chill and long, dark nights it seemed like a good image to bring back.  The question is….do I love warm glowing candles and fuzzy clothing because it’s winter, or do I love winter because I get to wear my favorite fuzzy clothing and light all my hygge-inducing lamps and candles?


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Poppyseed milk is a traditional Winter Solstice or Christmas Eve drink in the Baltics, like a version of eggnog.  In Lithuania they often serve it with Kūčiukai, small and lightly sweetened poppyseed pastries.  Poppyseeds symbolized abundance and prosperity, two very handy attributes to adopt for the New Year.

In Lithuanian traditions the Kūčios Table (Christmas eve dinner) of twelve courses is served with dishes that are loaded with history, meaning, and symbolism.  This Kūčios meal is supposed to be meatless, eggless and dairy-free so the poppyseed milk (Aguonpienis) gives a rich sweet beverage without the dairy.


Yet another item made for the Estonian Dinner last September, an evening rich with interesting foods!


Poppyseeds contain loads of goodies like the B-complex vitamins, oleic and linoleic acids, and they’re high in minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and magnesium.  They also contain alkaloids which can help with insomnia and nervous disorders.  Read more about health benefits of poppyseeds here.


I used a food processor but I think a blender or mortar and pestle would work much better to grind and extract the ‘milk’ of the seeds.





Blessings of Abundance and Prosperity, and may your week of gatherings be full of warmth and light! 



Poppyseed Milk

Prep Time: a few hours to soak, 15 minutes to finish


Mix together in a pot and let soak for a few hours:

10 cups Boiling Water

6 cups Poppyseeds

Blend everything in a blender (a food processor didn’t work as well) or drain and crush with a mortar and pestle to break open the seeds and release the ‘milk’.  

Pour off the liquid into a bowl or jar, then wrap the poppyseeds in cheesecloth and squeeze into a bowl, saving the remaining ‘milk’.  You can also crush the seeds a second time to release more liquid, then strain again.   

Stir into the Poppyseed Milk until dissolved:

3-6 Tablespoons Sugar to taste, or Honey

Optional: 2 teaspoons Almond Extract

Serve in small glasses or use as a smoothie base.

Enjoy and share your abundance and prosperity!




“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  

– Edith Wharton








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