Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip


I recently came across a recipe for Vegan Nacho Cheese at Brita Britnell’s food blog: Life, One Meal at a Time.  Always looking for special-diet options for catering I gave this a try.  Yum!  I did make a few modifications to increase the creamy factor but it was really quite tasty all on its own without any meddling on my part.

This is great as a chip dip if you’re wondering what to make for a New Years Eve party, but I also think it would be scrumptious on enchiladas or something with tortillas.




Nutritional Yeast, one of my favorite Helpers

Many vegan-cheese-substitute recipes include Nutritional Yeast—it gives a great umami and nearly-cheesy texture.  I add it to a number of dishes that need a little base-flavor boosting.  A serving of two tablespoons can provide up to 9 grams of protein and is a great source for B1 and B2.  Some brands fortify the yeast with vitamin B12 but it does not occur naturally in the yeast.


My four additions to her recipe were: Leeks–which make everything more creamy; Oil–drizzling in oil while blending to emulsify and add a bit more frothy texture; Lime–for a tiny bit more tang (whey or certain cheeses would have provided the ‘tang’ in a cheesey-cheese dip); and Red Chile (or paprika)–for a little more color and chile flavor.  But seriously, her recipe was easy to make and delicious and didn’t need anything!  Apparently I just like to meddle.


Finally some frosty windows…



Happy New Year!



Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes


Drain and reserve liquid from:

1 x 15oz. can of Cannelini Beans or 1 1/2 cups cooked Cannelini Beans


Simmer in a sauce pot:

1/4 cup Leeks (optional)

1 medium sized Red Bell Pepper, de-seeded and diced

1 Jalapeño Pepper, de-seeded and diced

1 cup Broth, or Water with 2 cubes of Rapunzel Vegetable Bouillon, or Water with 2 teaspoons Better than Bouillon Vegetable Base

1/2 cup of the reserved Bean Juice

the drained Cannelini Beans

Simmer a few minutes until leeks and peppers are completely soft.

Stir in:

1/3 cup Nutritional Yeast

2 Tablespoons Dijon or Spicy Brown Mustard

2 Tablespoons Rice Flour or Gluten Free Flour Mix

1 1/4 teaspoon Granulated Garlic

1 teaspoon Cumin, ground

1/2 teaspoon Red Chile, ground (something mild like Guajillo) (optional)

1 teaspoon Lime Juice

Salt and Pepper to taste—it will depend on the saltiness of the beans and stock/bouillon.

Simmer another couple of minutes then transfer to a food processor or blender.  Blend until smooth, then drizzle in while blending:

2 Tablespoons Oil—something of mild flavor like Avocado or Canola Oil

Puree for a minute or two until creamy.

Taste and adjust.  If too thick, drizzle in a little Bean Liquid.




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