Menu plans

Contemplating a diet change?  Diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy?  Interested in increasing the percentage of local foods in your diet?  Looking for a little relief in thinking about what to eat this week with a new special-foods diet?


At first it may seem like an impossible task to live without gluten or dairy or eggs, but as you discover new foods the old habits will be replaced with new ones.  After a time you will never look back—you might even feel grateful that you can feel better with just a diet change.  It can be an impetus to learn more about cooking, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The purpose of these plans is to give people guidance and reduce stress during times of diet change, and to give a little encouragment on the journey.


The week-long Menu Plans include:

– Seven days of ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

– 8-14 recipes

– a shopping/ingredient list for the week

– suggestions for pre-prepping items

– a blank plan sheet to rearrange this one or start your own plan

photo by David Cavagnaro


Menu Plans are not yet finished…

please check back later! 


Local Foods Menu Plans


Special Diet Menu Plans

.DisDisclaimer note: I am not here to prescribe, I’m only here to give some ideas an

Disclaimer note: I am not here to prescribe, I’m only here to give some ideas and organizational hand-holding, and have a little fun along the way.

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