Happy Anniversary


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Apparently my celebration for the two year anniversary of this website was to take a week off.  Many things going on and very few of them have to do with food.  But that’s okay.


I started this little project because people often ask about recipes for my food, and since I’m relatively undisciplined and mostly use a recipe as a general guideline…I had nothing to offer other than lists of ingredients.  This website has been an experiment in the practicing this discipline of measuring so I could relay to you some ratio recommendations.  I am still as undisciplined as ever but I have come to appreciate the amount of work it takes to monitor and document the cooking process!


Recipes or no, I still promote the taste-as-you-go method:

  • Stay tuned to what’s going on with your dish.
  • Stick your finger in and taste it (but don’t tell the health department I said that).
  • Read recipes to learn about ingredient combinations and ratios.
  • Use recipes if you like, but don’t let them squelch your instincts or desire to experiment and have fun!


This is about Food, Cooking, Versatility, Art and Whatnot…and 102 posts later I hope you’re still enjoying this little experiment as much as I am.  Thank you all for your time, interest and comments.  Here’s to another year!



Below are links to a few of my favorites over the last two years—some for their recipes, some for their stories and photos:


Apple Cider Syrup  

This was the first recipe-post, revealing my secret ingredient…




Roasted Tofu with Peanut Sauce




Elixirs, Snacks and More Cabin Notes 

 IMG_1722 copy



Strawberry Salsa and Spinach Salad 




Dill Cumin Popcorn

MarthaWaterslide 3




Symra 1



Roasted Beet and Corn Salad

IMG_2517 copy



Island Beef Stew

IMG_2870 2



Dog Story Part 1




Dog Story Part 2

IMG_3288 copy



Carrot Cardamom Puree

IMG_2630 2




The calligraphy in the top photo was given to me by friends who lived in China, and the general translation is:

“These are the best days of our lives.”  


A fitting sentiment of which to remind ourselves every day.










3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary”

  • Happy Anniversary, Ruth! Thanks for the wonderful and inspiring posts.

    So, is Mom sliding into Dill Cumin Popcorn? : )

    • Lovely. IT is such a privilege to continue to “get to know you” as time goes by – admiration and love are results even though I never seem to benefit from the opportunities to improve my cooking!!


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